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Conquering the World, One Book at a Time

Blame it on my brothers

3 May
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~Evelyn Prewett (Don't you DARE call me Evie!)
~Aged fifteen, Gryffindor
~Pureblood (by birth, not by choice)
~The reluctant sister of Gideon and Fabian Prewett.
~Often mistaken for younger than she is because of her unfortunate short stature. (Blames her mother totally for this)
~Has an old and sickly owl by name of Apollo (If there's a small gray and white inanimate looking object on the common room floor, please return to one Evelyn Prewett, it's most likey her owl)
~Has long brown hair with red highlights in it. It flows down to the middle of her back in soft waves, but is often pulled into a braid (Has been recently chopped to the shoulder's because Fabian put gum in my hair)
~The resident bookworm of Gryffindor
armchairs by the fire, avoiding madame pince, beating slytherin, being taller than someone, blowing raspberries at slytherins, bludgers, books, broomsticks, butterbeer, charming things to fly, christmas, comet 260, dancing in the rain, diagon alley, earning points, escaping filch's wrath, escaping peeves, exanimate owls, florean's ice cream, freckles, friends, gryffindor, hogsmeade, hogwarts, house cup, kicking mrs. norris, large dusty tomes, laughing, libraries, magic, non-broken things, plaid shirts, pulling pranks, quidditch, quidditch cup, red and gold, red and gold scarves, the tornados, tp-ing madame puddifoot's, transfiguration, treacle tart, zonko's